Statue of Emperor Konstantiou the 2nd

Statue of Emperor Konstantiou the 2nd


1. Technical data

  • Name: Statue of the Emperor Konstantiou the 2nd
  • Author: A local sculptor in Messenia.
  • Date or period of production and/or use: Classical with some early Christian prothesses.
  • Building or production material: Marble.
  • Origin: The work of a sculptor in Messenia.

2. More information

Purpose or use: Probably built in honour of the Emperor Konstantiou the 2nd.

Description of their features: Fleshy eyelids, wide-eyed eyes, holes in the iris, swollen nostrils, flat nose ridge, wig-shaped hair with helical stems – Early Christian prostheses. Definitions of imbalances and distortions in the trunk, as well as the absence of physicality, are due to the fact that the local sculptor used as a raw material an older Hellenistic female statue. The statue is supported in an extra object and hold in the right hand a ball that symbolizes the world.


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