Head of an Honoray Statue

Head of an Honoray Statue

1. Technical data

  • Name: Head of an Honorary Statue.
  • Author: Unknown.
  • Date or period of production and/or use: Second  half of the 1st century B.C.
  • Building or production material: Bronze with copper inserts in the lips.

2. More information

Purpose or use: It was made to honour  an important person.

Description of their features: Head of an  honorary statue, probably wearing toga, of an unknown male figure. Bronze, with copper inserts for the lips.

Aesthetic Description/Artistic style: There were some inscriptions called “Titulus Pictus” that appear on amphorae. We provide valuable information on the characteristics of goods and products exported as content, origin, raw material, quality, age, weight or trader.

How did it get to our days: It was found in the souther bank of the River Adige in the Petrino districty of the city of Verona.

Where can it be seen: At the Museo Archeologico al Teatro Romano in Verona.


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