Hermes (Mercury) of Messene

Hermes (Mercury) of Messene



1. Technical data

  • Name: Hermes (Mercury) of Messene.
  • Author: Unknown.
  • Date or period of production and/or use: 4th Century BC.
  • Building or production material: Marble from a bronze model.
  • Dimensions: Height: 2,32 m
  • Origin: Messenia.

2. More information

Purpose or use: The character of the work was funerary and not devotional, related to the burial monuments revealed in the Gymnasium.

Description of their features: The messenger of the gods is portrayed in nudity. He has a shoulder strap and wrapped in the bent left hand of the chlamys that drops with dense elongated folds downward.

Aesthetic Description/Artistic style:

It rests on its right leg while the left is bent on the knee, causing a natural movement in the trunk while the head is turned to the right. The expression is serious and confident. His body is young and trained: in other words beautiful and ideal.

Who loaded it and/or conserve: The Greeks.

How did it get to our days: It was found in the Messene Gymnasium in 1996.



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