About us

About us

The Virtual Museum, an initiative of the CDL team within the Archaeoschool project

Our Virtual Museum goals can be summarised as follows:

– Providing our students with a tool –an online platform – that allows them to:

  • analyse works of art and other elements belonging to their archaeological sites: Ancient Messene (Greece), Roman theatre in Verona (Italy), Roman ruins in Tarraco (Tarragona, Spain) and the ancient Greek and Roman cities in Empuries (Spain)
  • locate those items in time and space
  • find the connections among different works, objects or buildings

– Creating a website that is a permanent output of the Archaeoschool project and that can be used in the future.

Members of the CDL team

Mireia Montané, Carme Amorós, Xavier Juan and Lídia Fernández

The acronym CDL stands for Col·legi Oficial de Doctors i Llicenciats en Filosofia i Lletres i en Ciències de Catalunya

Archaeoschool for the Future: a sustainability approach

The ArchaeoSchool project, through the study of local Greek and Roman archaeological sites and by based on differentiated educational and linguistic approaches and ICTs, aims to support our students to understand the present and build their future in order to be active citizens, critical thinkers, problem resolvers and to find new job opportunities.

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