Hermes (Mercury) of Messene



A Roman copy of a statue of Satellite


Statue of Emperor Konstantiou the 2nd


Wine jug


Fragments from a funerary monument


1. Technical data

  • Name: Fragments from a funerary monument
  • Author: The Greeks living in Messenia
  • Date or period of production and/or use: Unknown
  • Building or production material: Ceramics

2. More information

Purpose or use: It was used in cemeteries for funerals. I looks like some contemporary objects used nowadays. It was used probably to burn charcoal inside it as an homage to the dead.

Description of their features: It has the form of a wine glass, with a larger upper part, where the charcoal was put and opening around the walls for the smoke to find a way out. The lower part of the object is narrower, maybe to make it easier somebody to carry it in his/her hand.

Aesthetic Description/Artistic style: The difference with similar objects that we use today is that today we use metal and it was made of ceramics.

Who loaded it and/or conserve: The Greeks.

Who ordered it: The family of a dead man/woman.

How can you associate this building with other similar structures and historical ages and the societies to which it is viculated: Similar objects can be found in different parts of the world with a similar purpoe.

How did it get to our days: It was buried and discovered by archaeologists.



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